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    Hi all
    wow the wheelchair discussion was great and I hope you managed to sort it out, anyway the DLA form is a nightmare but fill it in and if you are refused it do appeal. this reply is to thank you for your help to me regarding my scalp problem many moons ago As for the wheelchair, my wife was diagnosed with ME many years ago and needed a wheelchair to get out. so we went out and bought one which was second hand it was very difficult for me to push it and after a while it started to hurt my back so my advice to you is get one measured for the person to push it and if possible get one that folds that way it can be put into the boot of a car, but do make sure that the person pushing is ok I hope this helps dave


    hi Jane, keep applying for DLA, it took me 5 attemps in all. And I was about to throw in the towel as I was fed up with all the medicals.
    Then WOW I got it and it was back dated.
    So live in hope and fingers crossed you will get it but dont give up. I know some one who got it for a broken ankle and still has many years on, on her second time round.
    A little hint copy all the paper work that you send as it will come in very handy for further form filling.


    Just to clarify the DLA criteria. The need for care or lack of mobility has to have existed for 3 months and be reasonably expected to last a further 6 months in order to justify an award. These time considerations do NOT apply in the case of TERMINAL conditions.

    Anyone considering applying for DLA should consider joining Benefits and Work http://www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/ who have an excellent downloadable comprehesive guide to completing the claim form and for pursuing the matter to APPEAL.
    You can judge the quality of these guides by first looking at the somewhat dated free guides (by the same authors) here http://www.bhas.org.uk/freeguides/dla_guides.shtml



    Just found this great site with everything you need to know about wheelchairs and to clarify how to get one on the NHS, it says.
    “According to the National Health Service Act 1997, anyone who has a permanent mobility problem is entitled to a FREE, long-term loan of a wheelchair from the NHS. Under the NHS, wheelchairs (including powered wheelchairs) and hand and pedal propelled tricycles are supplied and maintained free of charge to a disabled person whose need for such a chair is permanent.

    To obtain a NHS Wheelchair you should contact your GP or Health Professional who will make a referral to the NHS Wheelchair Service”


    Hi Di

    Extremely well done and thanks. Didn’t know you were still toiling away on my behalf and that is a gem to know
    All the best


    Thanks to all who have helped, things going slowly here but have a GP appointment next week to discuss things – appointments hard to come by here. I may be having a week of intensive physio in the near future, so it would probably be better to delay applying for DLA in any case until that has happened. Thanks so much for all this invaluable help,



    Hope the website is useful Rob. Good luck.

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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