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    Hi All,

    I’ve had back pain for quite some time, actually due to an accident I had as a kid involving rope swings…

    Anyway I’m in the market for a decent ergonomic chair. I’ve been on as they have a good range and Herman Miller. Has anyone dealt with them and has anyone actually used a HM for any decent period of time. I’m also open to alternative and possibly cheaper suggestions?



    Jan Sadler

    My only advice to you really is to try the chairs yourself, if you can. If you are relying on mail order, remember that if the chair you’ve ordered doesn’t suit you, you will have to pay the cost of returning it, which is not cheap.

    If you can get out to try chairs (the Back Shop has branches in various places) sit on the chair for a long time to make sure it suits you, as what appears immediately comfortable may not be after 20 minutes.

    It might be worth trying places like Staples as their chairs are far cheaper than Herman Miller.

    Good luck and do let us know if you find one that is really comfortable.



    My son works at a computer all day every day then again when he comes home. Work provided an ergnomic chair for him but for home I bought one for him from Staples which he says is fantastic He went into the local store and tried them all out and I bought it online cheaper than in store. It has a mesh back so he doesn’t sweat and because he’s a big lad it’s one of the few designed for his weight. No more back pain for him.



    Thanks guys. What is the chair you’re referring to, is there a link?



    Jan Sadler

    If you go to the Staples site:
    and do a search for ergonomic chairs, lots will come up.

    The chairs rarely come ready assembled but they are reasonably easy to assemble.

    A tip for you. It’s well worth trying Staples as if you need to send a chair back you just ring them up, explain that the chair doesn’t suit your bad back, and they will send you a huge plastic bag by special delivery. You cover the chair with the bag and a few days later they will collect it from you – all for free.

    They arrange returns this way as once a chair has been put together, you can’t get them apart to re-pack because of the gas-lift in them.

    I’m sure Di will be around soon and let you know which chair she bought for her son.



    This is the one i got for my son but it was a lot cheaper then.



    Had it on my work and had to get one to my home…

    Best seating ever its like a nice car chair.. try one at a store. Ususly find em in expensive office dealers.

    Wholesale Ergonomic office chairs with headrest support

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