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    Hello everyone

    A few months ago, a Pam from Canada asked for any ideas of overcoming the problem with checking blindspots as she had given up driving 10 years ago due to this problem.

    I too had this problem, until someone gave me a solution that allowed me to continue driving safely.

    What you do is to lean forward in your seat whilst looking in your door mirrors and you will notice that your area of vision changes, thereby eliminating the blind spot. Also of course, you can get larger mirrors as people often do for use when towing when your vision is obscured by a caravan or trailer, but I found that I could use the standard mirrors fitted to my car effectively.

    Thought this worthy of a new posting as I am sure that there are a great many people out there encountering this difficulty.

    If simple adaptations like this can help us to maintain our independence then they are worth so much.

    Happy motoring!


    Wot a onederfull idea. this willreally help as iam in the driving industry with a neck problem.


    Many years ago I was taught to drive a school minibus by a police driving instructor. He taught me to drive using my rear view and wing mirrors. This was contrary to common driving school practice of moving about in your seat and looking over your shoulder. I always use my mirrors now and never turn around to look over my shoulder. It is much safer, less stressful and I can park anything on a sixpence. In my opinion everyone should be taught this way and cars should be supplied with mirrors that eliminate blind spots.


    I have a rear view mirror extension. This means no extra width on the car so no need to worry about things getting hit. The mirror simply cips on over the existing rear view. There are 2 little adjustable side mirrors that you can point into your blind spot or anywhere else (eg. the baby/child in the back seat) and then you have your viewing all in one place. Fab!

    Does everyone know they should let their insurance company know if they drive only on mirrors? The company may tell you what you have to have installed and if you don’t then you may not be covered. A hassle, but please check.


    hi all, hi di!!
    i learnt to drive two yrs ago to regain some independance, instead of relying heavily on others.
    i learnt to drive through a specialised disable driving school and i was taught to drive by using mirrors etc.
    yes your insurance company should know you drive on mirrors but on passing my test it is on my licence about driving an automatic and adapted, also DVLA where informed of the use of mirrors only.
    once this is registered it is actually an offence to drive your vehicle if either of your mirrors are damaged or missing.
    love stacey xx


    Dear All,
    Just thought I’d let you know that, in the U.K., if you are in receipt of higher level mobility component of Disability Living Allowance you don’t have to pay car tax! You get a special (free) tax disc with “disabled” written in small letters on it. Car tax is really expensive so I was really grateful for this “freebie”.
    Also, if you cannot drive but someone else drives you about (e.g. a partner, husband etc.) and they mainly use their car for this purpose they can get the free car tax instead.
    Love to all


    dear jossette, i actually swapped my mobility payment for a vehicle through the motoability scheme. i do drive when i can but you can get a vehicle even if you dont drive and have two named drivers put down.
    with the vehicle you still get your tax payed you also get your insurance and your car gets a service every year. if things are found to be wear and tear the garage replaces it, along with the wear and tear issue you get a windscreen per annum and four tyres per annum with the scheme.
    you are also made a member of AA or RAC so the scheme is great to get you up and mobile again,,,,,,,,, you will lose your payment of the high rate DLA though if you choose the scheme,
    the scheme also allows you a certain mileage per annum of which they have just increased.
    for myself and many others the scheme is a god send.
    cheers stacey xx

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