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    I see so much bad news and pain on here I wanted to pass on my experiences and say that there is light at the end of the tunnel sometimes.

    I have been in agony for the last 4 years, I have DDD and after many visits to many different consultants, finally found one who I could relate to and who didn’t ignor my comments.

    I’ve had every test and examination known to man, and finally decided that surgery was the only option. Please know I didn’t make this decision lightly, but having spoken to a lot of people and my surgery, it seemed the best way to go. I had surgery on the 2nd October, initially to have an Artificial Disk Replacement at L5/S1, but there were complications during surgery and my S1 vertebrae fractured so they had to fuse the two together.

    I’ve been home since the 7th October and I have to say I feel good. I have pain from the operation scar (bit like a caesarian scar) but no pain in my back bar the ache from bones healing. I have to take it easy for the next 8 weeks, but I start Physio on Tuesday and i’m feeling very positive about it and life in general.

    I just wanted people to know that there are great surgeons out there and sometimes surgery is the right answer….

    Love and best wishes to you all


    Katie, congrats on the success of your surgery, and I hope you have a full and speedy recovery.

    I have decided after 2 years of being in a wheelchair to have a spinal operation to give me some mobility and less pain and am hoping it will be a success.

    There are always risks involved and it is so good and refreshing to hear your story!

    good health for the future


    Great news Kate, you’ve got a couple of e-mails hanging out from me
    Alastair 🙂


    Hi Katie
    I am very pleased to hear the outcome of your surgery as I need ADR at 2 levels. It has given me fresh hope.
    I was wondering if your spinal surgeon is the same Mr Raymond Ross I have seen.
    I wish you a quick and happy recovery to a fit and healthy life
    Very best wishes Jean


    I’m very pleased for you and ask could you keep posting a progress report, say once a week, as I would be very interested to read how you get on.
    Best Wishes Gordon..

    Karen HG

    Dear Katie

    This is truly wonderful news – congratulations!

    I,too, have had some very successful surgery, and it feels like a miracle,doesn’t it?
    Just one word of caution (sorry) from someone who knows….. take your time to recover. The initial euphoria can cause you to overdo things in the early days, so be careful,won’t you.




    Dear all…

    Thank you to all that sent me words of support and best wishes. While I am getting better, I am being careful not to overdo things and have posted little notes around the house to remind me!

    My surgeons were Jake Timothy and Stuart Ross, both based at LGI and the Nuffield Hospital in Leeds. They are brillient and I thank them for helping me so much.

    Best wishes to you all and hope you are having a good day



    Like many other wonderfull freinds here, I too would like to wish you well and am so glad that you are benifitting from surgery.
    Sorry to repeat something lots of others have said, “DO be careful take every step and day gently.
    Unfortunatly for me my spinal surgery was not successful so now suffer tremendous pain but Im not bitter I was just unlucky (After all they do warn you that although rare for a small percentage it may not work for what ever reason?) For me I have the help of a great pain managment team which includes my ‘Pain consultant Annesthetist’…
    Surgerys do work you are here to prove it; .
    I would never let what happen to me put people off! I wanted a chance once and would also tell anyone else if there is a chance of less pain “Go for it’
    Take care and be good to yourself Katie..
    Hugs Diana x



    So pleased to hear that your surgery (apart from the fracture) seems to have worked for you.

    I hope eventually you get to feel much better and you will keep us informed of your progress.

    Good luck with the physio etc over the next 8 weeks and take care not to overdo things.



    katie i am so happy that your surgery was a sucess. just be careful and take things slow i know you heard this already. my back surgery
    didn’t work either but if it helps one more person get relief that’s great. good luck recovering.

    best to you

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