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    Hey Shevee,
    Im just giving you the reason for problems in getting them; I too agree that there should be some trial period because they are useful for some patients with neuropathic pain near the surface in the spinal area.

    xxx My hospital trust have tried more than twice to get the patches added to the hospital formulary for anaesthetist prescribing only- even that condition-of-use was insufficient to be approved!!

    but I am sure, too, that the price will decrease in the next 5 years, there must be some patency that will expire in that time.


    Hi @Lupin I was wondering what you meant when you wrote “lidocaine in tablet form”? I have not heard of these & couldn’t find anything in internet search either – only a reference to a heart drug which is a calcium channel blocker like lidocaine but isn’t given for pain relief because of its anti arrhythmic affects?

    Ps am getting much relief from lidocaine patches so am V interested in a possible tablet…

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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