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    Jan Sadler

    PainSupport is often asked about Pain Clinics and Pain Management Courses. So here is some general information.


    Pain Clinics offer a wide range of treatment including drug therapy, nerve blocks, manipulation, exercise, electrical methods, complementary therapies and behavioural and pain management programmes to teach you self-help skills to control and relieve your pain.

    Remember, it’s your choice and your body, you don’t have to have anything anyone suggests to you without finding out everything about it first of all. Discuss with the consultant what the treatment will involve, what the likely benefits will be and also whether there are any risks or side effects involved.

    You could try asking at the following places for information about drugs, nerve blocks, etc.:
    Pain Relief Unit at the Churchill Hospital, Headington, Oxford. They offer information and advice on treatment of chronic pain. Ring 01865 226 161.

    Also try: The Pain Relief Foundation Liverpool Tel: 0151 523 1486

    For internet information try:
    The Oxford Pain Internet Site
    Internet Health Library

    If you are in the UK you can also ask your own doctor to refer you straight on to a Pain Management Course. You don’t have to be referred by the Consultant in the hospital. You could talk to your own doctor and ask him/her what sort of treatment you are likely to be offered at the Pain Clinic and if it would be a good idea to be referred to a Pain Management Course as well as or instead of the Pain Clinic.

    On a Pain Management Course you will be taught how to control your pain using a variety of techniques such as relaxation, pacing, exercise, positive thinking, etc. They can’t ‘take the pain away’ but will help you to get back in control.

    For Pain Management Clinics try the following places for further information:

    Input Pain Management Unit St Thomas’ Hospital Lambeth Palace Road LONDON SE1 7EH Tel: 0208 922 8107

    The Walton Centre, Rice Lane, LIVERPOOL L9 1AE Tel: 0151 529 4186

    Addresses of pain management clinics can be obtain from:
    The College of Health St Margaret’s house 21 Old Ford Road LONDON E2 1225 Tel: 0208 983 1225

    Pain Management skills as taught at Pain Management Courses are very similar to the skills described on this site in the Pain Relief section.

    People who have attended these courses are full of praise and all say how the course has helped them to regain control of their lives, despite the pain.

    Jan at PainSupport


    With Pain management Courses, do you normally have to stay overnight or weekly? Or can these courses be run daily travelling.? at hospital

    Jan Sadler

    Pain Management Programmes are usually run on an out-patient basis although there are some residential courses. The times vary, the Programme may be every day for a number of weeks or it may be on one or two days of the week for a number of weeks. Each hospital seems to vary.


    I have just discovered this site, hence this ‘late’ response. I was lucky enough to attend a Pain Management course last summer. It has been a great help, not least by helping me to discover what I can do myself to ‘manage’ and reduce the impact of my chronic pain (8yrs. now, following a whiplash/car accident). It gave me a much more positive outlook – and I have had fewer really bad flareups since. It was also an important opportunity to meet and exchange tips and experiences with others – all with different pain, but all in the same boat. We learnt a lot from each other, and gave and received essential support. Also , on the staff were specialist physios who were a breath of fresh air – treating the pain, not the condition. Ask your G.P. tomorrow about similar courses in your area – and go on asking!


    I attended a pain management programme with a charity called BackCare. I (or rather my wonderful boyfriend!) paid for the course, but it was only around £200 or so. The course was run over an evening each week for seven weeks, with a follow-up session four weeks after.

    The course quite literally changed my life, and I would recommend anyone who’s stuck on an NHS waiting list to get in touch with BackCare and see if they are running a programme near you.


    Bringing to the top for Clara

    PainSupport Admin Team


    Thanks. I was hoping for some personal views if anyone if willing!

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