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    Jan has asked me to post this, first to explain it andas it is an effective way to give yourself some pain relief without drugs.
    Reiki is a form of hands on healing which is used primarily to heal yourself and also other people. The theory is that there is energy all around us and by learnig reiki we can just harness that energy for the good of ourselves and others.
    If you talk to people about it you might be surprised at how many people have it and use it.
    I have fibromyalgia and as you probably know it takes along time to get diagnosed so for a long time I was in a bit of limbo, pain and tiredness and worry. Well reiki doesn’t need to know what is wrong to help you, it can only go to the higher good so i think it helps a lot with keeping me sane as well as with pain relief. it treats the spiritual, mental and then the physical so you might “feel” better before you feel any physical relief. So to learn reiki you would need to have an atunement first to be able to give reiki to yourself and others and this tipacally costs about £100 although some adult education centres do it cheaper. You could spend that say on three massages but with reiki its just one weekend and then you have it and can give it to yourself whenever you need it.
    I usually give myself a treatment in bed at night especially if i can’t sleep, if I wake up I might treat again and sometimes in the morning. It is very easy to give a treatment. There are set hand positions starting at the head and working down the body. But quite simply if your hands are touching your body then you are giving yourself reiki. During the day I frequently just put my hands on my tummy to help with the accompanying irritable bowel. I am so glad that I have this gift but anyone can do it. I also have reiki2 which means I can send reiki to my own past and to events but also to other people. I know that is how it gets a bit wierd but its no different to offering a prayer for people. I thought this was strange myself but have sent it to someone to get rid of their headache and it went, so open mined on all but careful is my motto. I will try sending some reiki tonight to our pain support group . Anyway this has become very long sorry. there are lots of good websites out there on reiki research it yourselves and if it “calls ” you then go for it. Love and light Linda

    Jan Sadler

    Thank you so much for explaining Reiki, Linda. I have ‘googled’ for some free Reiki sites and found this one which explains Reiki treatments:

    If anyone else has any experiences with Reiki, please let us know.
    Jan at PainSupport


    I forgot to say a few things that are quite important. There are a lot of types of Reiki on offer, the course I did was Usui reiki but I’m not saying anything wrong with other types just giving info. I would also urge caution if courses offer to do Reiki 1 and 2 together as I personally think that it is best to wait between taking each one and go even slower before doing Reiki Master. Each course you do will have a profound effect on you I was very emotional for a time and it needs time to get used to the feelings that come up good and bad. Another really good thing is to do the course with a partner , friend or family member. This means you can give Reiki to each other. This in particular can be a great thing for people that care abour you as they often feel helpless and unable to help you. This is something positive they can do for you and you can do together. To choose your Reiki Master go and have a treatment and then you will see if they “suit.”
    Rambling on again . I am happy to give any info if people are interested. Love linda


    Linda – I also use Reiki on myself and it works wonders. I did my reiki 1 last april and I am still saving for my Reiki 2. The master I see is so nice and helpful, I still go back for treatments as she is more powerful at healing.

    I also did Usui Reiki, and it does help you on all levels. Pain (quantifiable pain in limbs), internal pain like emotion… all in all you do feel better both physically and emotionally. I would be lost without the reiki. I do it up to 3 times a day when i am bad, and unlike prescription drugs you can use it as often as you need in a day without any bad side effects.

    I would recommend that you visit the master that you choose for some treatments before you decide the do the course. Then you know that you are on the same level as the teacher and can learn from them.. no personality clashes or anything. You must feel comfortable and relaxed with the person to get the full effect of the reiki 1 course..

    The only bad thing about the reiki was the detox before and after. No chocolate for 6 weeks – I nearly died! I can live without meat, fish, tea and coffee – but life without chocolate is not worth living! However it was worth it in the long run as the reiki power more than makes up for it and it’s a wonderful gift to have.

    I also give Reiki to my husband as he has mobility problems and to my cat who has Feline Immunodeficiency (cat AIDS) and they both seem to benefit from the treatment. Mike says it really helps him and Jack purs more than ever when I treat him and he never leaves the master alone when they come to my house and he usually avoids all visitors like the plague!

    I would certainly recommend it to others, even go for a treatment first – it’s worth it for the relief you feel when you come out. My reiki on myself lasts a few hours as I am not very strong, my masters treatments leave me completely pain free for 2-3 days after and that is so wonderful. I cant afford treatments as often as I would like, but painfree days are something to dream about and now it can be acheived!!!

    Good luck to anyone who decides to give it a try. its worth every penny of the cost.


    Thanks for your info on Reiki – do you think that anyone who has some faith in healing powers can also make it happen? I haven’t done Reiki but my husband has but not to any avail sadly. it doesn’t seem to channel..I believe that we all have the energy inside us but it is hard to get it out unless we try every day to tap into it any ideas on this?anyone…PS I also have FM.


    Yes, most definitely. We just have to be open to the idea that we can be helped by the healing energies in the universe. I have been greatly helped by prayer and healing. I did have Reiki and it helped a little but discontinued when I was worse after a session: this happens sometimes don’t know why, not just with Reiki but any form of energy healing.
    Maybe you just need to be open to your husband’s Reiki channelling, but I’ve heard it’s sometimes difficult for people who are very close to give and receive healing, maybe because there isn’t the necessary level of emotional detachment necessary and the healing channel is blocked or diminished in some way. My aunt and friend give me healing (spiritual and science of mind) which I have benefited greatly from, (having tried everything under the sun with no successes).
    Really, we have it in our power to heal ourselves no matter how hopeless or “incurrable” the condition, and I do believe that we each have a higher power within us, something that knows how to produce perfect health, harmony and equilibrium, call it God, or whatever you like. Hope this post helps in some way.
    lv shas

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