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    Hi Caroline – just wondering how things are for you?

    Hi Nicky – thanks for that & I wanted to let you know I have a date for my trial, next week (arrgh abit real now) & I will get to try it for 4 days, so everything crossed……..It does seem as if we have been talking about this for ever – wouldn’t it be great if it works for us all & that you can recover from your surgery with a good outcome. (Positive thoughts are needed right now.) How are things at the moment? I did read that the inflammatory markers came back & did not show any signs of infection (phew….). If it is scar tissue does this mean it is a case of time? Let me know how it goes.

    Rob – yes, I am going to be another guinea pig for you!!!! Ha ha…I will be honest after & tell you as it is….but I have everything crossed that it is positive & that it actually will do the trick – like wise for you too. At least you will be very close behind me now.

    You have both been a tremendous support to me so I would like to thank you both very much & here’s to some positive outcomes for us all – & all others who use this site, sharing stories & experiences for the benefit of others.

    Here’s to the coming few months
    Hugs to all
    Liz x


    Dear All

    Some new Info for those who are considering SCS for chronic pain & who need to apply for funding etc. Hot off the press there is a statement on the NICE website about SCS in chronic pain management – I have put the web address to the document I have looked at & it states that it is recommended as a treatment for chronic pain in some circumstances:

    The folder is:

    with the actual document:

    I hope these work……fingers crossed.
    Hope this might be interesting for some people.
    Liz x

    Sweet Caroline

    Hi folks, its done and dusted phewwwwww thanks god…..I was so scared going into that theatre on Thursday but Rob I thought of you and the people who have fought for this or had to pay for it and told myself how lucky I was to be getting it.
    It went fantastic getting the local anesthetic was the worse bit really…..after a short time and some discomfort they turned it on and right away i felt it …after another short time I had the feeling going all the way down both buttocks, thighs and feet….I then burst into tears when he told me he was going to go ahead and implant instead of giving me the trial …it was all done in less than 2 hours and all done under local…..I was buzzing when I went into recovery room…..during it all I told myself to just let it happen and hopefully it would be over quickly and it was.
    So far so good and yes it will be programmed over the next few weeks but I am using it evry day for a short time when im sitting down as if i move my arms or head when its on its changes the power of it and its quite scary…I guess its just getting used to it….I am paranoid now about infection but evrything is good at the moment.
    Im using my laptop and wondering should i be?…its wireless there are so many things I have to learn yet……but I am so glad I went ahead with it.
    Thank you all again for your support…Rob and Liz Dont worry as im sure you will feel the same when its done.xxx

    Sweet Caroline

    Forgot to say I had a head cold when I went into hospital but felt ok….yesterday I felt ill and had to get the doctor out and I have a chest infection he gave me more antibiotics and today i feel a bit better …but as for post op pain I have sevredol which I used for breakthrough pain so they told me to use that for a couple of nights but I havent had to I have taken paracetamol and that has helped along with my usual mst and gabapentin…I expected it to be worse than it is and Im a coward lol


    Congratulations and I am sure all your fears will wane fairly quickly. Magnetic fields are the rthings to keep away from They are in the fridge door though and near loudspeakers but you will soon get the hang of sub conciously keeping away from them. My partner had a hell of a jolt from her mobile when it rang just after implantation and now that is well away as well now…..well not from her ears but from the stim. Infection is ufnortunately my only main concern as I have no spleen and have been warned that should the infection tunnel into the spine it would almost certainly be terminal. I still see it as my only chance of moving my life in to a reasonable comfort zone and have no doubt that they will do all they can to avoid the problem. Dr Sharma was in good form and we get along fine too..he has a sense of humour and have complete confidence. The week before I may feel a bit nervy but what is a week in a lifetime! Good luck and sure that you will get the hang of things and a better quality of life as time goes on. Keep an eye for infection for now and I am sure all will be great. Good luck to Liz next week and in a few months hopefully this thread will be full of joys


    Hi all,
    good news thats what i like to read.
    Caroline its fantastic that your getting pain relief already. Like u i didnt have a trial period as they were happy that the stimulation was in the right place. having 1 op would decrease the risk of infection. ive had 9 replacement but thankfully ive never had an infection.
    The problems that ive had to deal with is When we go on holiday i have to be bodily searched as you cant go through the dectors. if your flying take a letter from the hospital. I was also told that the scs could set alarms ringing from the detectors in shops but that hasnt happened to me. The problem ive found is i cant have an mri scan so they now use ct scans instead.
    Liz your next hun how exciting is that im so happy for you im looking forward to comparing notes. Im still struggling my consultant was shocked that there isnt an infection as the scans showing inflamation or something. Hes going to re scan in 6 weeks time. Unfortunately my pains still really severe but for a 3rd fusion and a 20 year history i knew it wasnt going to be a miracle cure i have to take 1 day at a time and hope that once the inflammation goes down things may settle.
    Rob like you im so grateful for all the
    friendship that we have formed from talking to eachother on this site. your help and advice through tough times has been an incredible support so thank you my friend i wish you all the luck in the world. talk to you all soon lots of love Nicky


    Hi Caroline

    SO glad that it all went well for you & how brilliant to have the actual implant there & then without having to go back again. It sounds as if it is not as scary as I am imagining – I have had a few disturbed nights so far……can’t wait until this time next week when I should know if it is going to help me. You said that you felt the stim as soon as it was in, did it give you pain relief straight away? I am just curious….I had a nerve block as a trial some time ago – & when he had it in the right place, it was the one & only time that I have had pain relief in the correct place, I am hoping the SCS is a similar sensation – I know I will be very emotional if it is.

    I am sure you will keep free from infection, good job you got your GP out quickly today. Did they give you antibiotics during the implant?

    I will let you know how things go for me – & I will agree wholeheartedly with Rob that in a few months this will be a very positive thread…….fingers crossed!!!!

    Liz x


    Hi Nicky

    Thanks for your words of enouragement & hopefully we will all have something to smile about soon – I really hope things settle for you over time – it must be so frustrating. I hate it when people say that time is a good healer – but unfortunately it is true……I had major abdo surgery a few years ago & I was awful when they said to take things easy – I learned the hard way & eventually I submitted & did as I was told.

    I will let you know how things go, & hope that you have a better week – perhaps the next scan will bring better news?

    Gentle hugs
    Liz x

    Sweet Caroline

    Hi guys….yes im paranoid now about infection but I had district nurse in today and she checked the wounds which are looking fine so thats another day to the good.
    Liz….when the stim was turned on i felt some sensation and as it was increased all i felt was the sensation and it dawned on me i didnt feel my pain….that was the moment it was all worth while !!!and they actually got the bottom of my foot too that to me was wonderful as i had a lot of pain there.
    Rob its human nature to be nervous with something like this…. i was PETRIFIED and at one point would have called it off but it wasnt nearly as bad as i thought
    I wish all of you well and cant thank you enough for the support you have given me…i am soooo glad i found this site because talking to people who know about this is great as no one i know has ever heard of it.i will keep you updated on how things are going .xxx

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