Reply To: So tired and sad


Hi Lorna5, It sounds like your company has been doing this, as an excuse to let you go. but dont worry to much as there is plenty to do outside work. you can start to focus more on your well being and less stress worrying about pleasing people at work that have no clue to how your feeling or actually coping with. take time out to distress yourself and to put focus into your own life without people pressuring you. The only thing I miss about work is the banter Not the work itself. you will feel down at first but pick yourself up find a new social outlet and hobby and do things at your pace as and when you feel you want without any feelings of pressure take hold of your own life and reflect on it. one day you will realise that there is more to life than work, money and being in pain. you control them not they control you. so wipe those teary eyes and do the things you enjoy doing and want and at your pace and leisure. the money’s rubbish but the hours are good. LOL. I’m sure this feeling is just another passing phase and things will get better. Take care and best wishes. Lee