Reply To: So tired and sad

Phil McCheddar

Hi Lorna,
I see you’re battling with a lot of issues. I know how easy it is to feel discouraged. But I was talking to a nurse yesterday about some of my health problems and she told me she meets many other people with exactly the same problems – and yet I had mistakenly thought my set of symptoms was fairly unique! Knowing there are other people out there going through the same struggles has given me a spur (even though I don’t know those people personally). Something else helped me yesterday too. I was reading some comments made by someone with a similar condition to my own and she said ‘Life is what it is’. I thought how realistic and practical! We are doing all we can to improve our respective situations and yet we still suffer pain and disability – so there is no point fretting over it as that will only add to our grief. I hope something really nice happens to you today!

Hi Annie,
Good to meet another beneficiary of vitamin D3! I always feel glad to get past the shortest day. I know we are likely to have some very cold and dark days in January and February too, but the shortest day is a milestone in my mind and I feel at least we’re going in the right direction when it’s past!

To anyone else reading this thread I ought to clarify what I said about vitamin D in my previous comment above. I mentioned it has the happy side-effect of lifting your spirits. But that doesn’t apply if your body isn’t deficient in vitamin D to start with. It’s not that vitamin D makes anyone feel brighter but that the absence of vitamin D causes depression which may be remedied by taking a supplement.