Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulation.


Hi Paul,

My stim box is in my abdomen, I had similar concerns about having it in my hip. I’m fairly thin so I thought it would be uncomfortable. My consultant agreed that they would put it in, although I need to be careful not to gain / loose weight as the box may slip in that position.I think it makes things technically more difficult in theatre, as they have to turn you over to place in your abdomen.
I am occasionally aware of it being there – if I am at the sink and it presses against the counter. It isn’t obvious to other people (unless I’m undressed). I have never had problems at the airport either – you can’t go through the magnetic metal detectors. I am manually searched every time I leave the country, but even those people don’t seem aware of the box. Mine is about the size of an iphone. Which type of SCS are you getting?