Reply To: Gallbladder Removed


Hi again Hope. Yes, I made a full recovery and have had no further symptoms. Before I had it removed, my gallbladder was infected, as was my bile duct, so you can imagine how pleased I was to have the operation. I do watch what I eat still, though and try to steer clear of fatty, greasy things. However, this is more because I have IBS than anything else.

It’s nine years ago, but, from what I remember it took about six weeks before I really felt totally back to normal., but, as I said, I think it took me a while because of the infection. However, my husband had his removed last year and recovered in two to three weeks. He still had to watch what he was doing – no heavy lifting, etc. – but he felt fine in himself.

Just take it sensibly and look after yourself – listen to your body. I’m sure you’ll be fine.

Take care. x

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