Reply To: options for Lumbar stenosis


Steve all I can say is I understand totally how you are feeling.
Personally I would be wary if your surgeon is not wanting to do further surgery. I have a friend who like you had multiple surgeries for stenosis and collapsed discs and her surgeon really really didn’t want to do her last one but she begged and sadly she was left in much worse pain. Not what you want to hear I know but when anyone is in this level of pain and incapacity its so easy to grab at anything that might offer relief.
I have had reducing mobility for past 10 years and for past 6 monhs can only stand or walk for a few minutes. I have had injection a week ago and its partially helped although not keen on side effects of steroids!
I aam sure someone will be along with more advice than I can give but wanted you to know you are not alone and so many on here do understand what you are going through.