Reply To: Feeling So Low


Hi Hope, I haven’t found any thing I could take for the day time. I only tried about half a dozen this time around prescribed by GP and then gave up.again. But there are more out there. And your GP will have a BNF book to hand to find different ones. GP’s I find tend to use same regular/ popular ones. I do have a sleeping tablet I can now take every so often without upsetting my bowel issues too much. And I find taking the magnesium tablet or 2 helpful with this. I’m a card maker too using the stencil pricking method but I’ve lapsed a bit lately along with other hobbies. Lack of energy I think is part of the reason. Still, I have to make a Halloween card today and post it so even if I do that, I will have achieved something. Trouble is, I can’t seem to find the pumpkin stencils I need along with the relevant toppings. The ideas are there, I just need to get on with things.