Reply To: Feel like giving up

Eileen Asbury

Hi Aurora
Like Di says I’m usually a glass half full person not half empty, Those weren’t her words. LOL
Don’t feel bad about feeling down. we all have gone through that I’m sure.
I had a knee replacement last August and since then it has been one thing after another……Ive had hip replacements and other things before that and just bounced back. This time is different, just recovering from the knee and fell, hospital, operation on my shoulder…pins plates screws et……..shortly after that I had to have another operation on the same shoulder but this time it was a complete replacement…that was April…. consultant said it would be a year at least
before I recovered. I’m very sore at the moment and will burst into tears at the least thing.
Try not to stay in bed. Think of something you can do that will distract you. It wont work miracles but better than being in bed.
I’m sorry that you are so sore as well as down…..keep in touch and tell us how yo are no matter how bad