Reply To: Feel like giving up


Hi Aurora – welcome and I’m so sorry to hear how blue you’re feeling at the moment, and have you checked out Jan’s resources page, as there’s a lot of useful tips on there, plus this site has been a truly great support, as there’s so many great people on here who are in the same shoes as you, and it does help you get through it, and put things in perspective, so you know you’re not alone. I know at times it can be incredibly tough, as I reached my lowest ebb last summer, and I call life now a rollercoaster ride of ups & downs in the pain world, and it’s keep focused on getting back on that upward ride. I too have chronic pelvic pain, so completely understand where you’re coming from. Have you tried mindfulness? The focus on the breath technique is the only thing I can focus on when my mind is just whirring with pain n stuff.
You take care Aurors & not long now till 2nd for your injections!
take care & stay strong – best wishes AnnieD xx