Reply To: So Much Pain


Hi Hope,

I do hope all goes well with the op. Are you having keyhole surgery? It’s usually just a day-op isn’t it. Do you get a lot of trouble with your gallbladder?

I’m supposed to be having mine out soon as have been hospitalised twice lately with stones in my bile duct which caused jaundice and then sepsis.

But I’ve had a bit of a shock as when I had my final scan last week, they discovered a ‘small lump’ in my pelvic area. Great!

So I’ve got to get this sorted before the gallbladder op. I’m feeling a bit cross as I’m sure this lump could’ve been seen on scans I’ve had over the past 3 months.

I’m waiting for an ultrasound scan now -in fear and trembling. The waiting is killing me!

It’s very hard coping with pain every day without all these other worrying problems piling up.

Keep us posted Hope. I do hope all goes well and you come bouncing back from it!

Annie x