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Hi longtallgal, Blimey I thought I had problems, I feel for you. I get that electric shock type pain along with other types of nerve pain sounds to me like nerve pain, the only thing which works for me and sometimes helps is low stress stretching exercises and meds I take Amitryptyline , naproxen and codeine. I also use mindfulness to try and relax and put my mind in a different place and other relaxation and meditation technics along with my art to focus on something different , listen to music and pretend I,m the artist up on stage. when its really bad I find that a Tens machine works quite well to distract your mind from it all and can sometimes eliminate the severity of it along with what I have already stated.. its a combination of things that together can help. its still there but more manageable and sometimes hot and cold compresses like I have a electric heat wrap. or a towel full of ice only do this for about 15 mins alternatively for about an hour. well that’s what helps me get through it all. but we are all different its a matter of try anything or a combination of things which help you personally to cope. Hope you find something soon and bring your pain levels down a bit to a more manageable level. take care and best wishes. Lee