Reply To: MRI scan – terrified


I’m relieved to say the MRI scan has been cancelled by another GP who thought it was unnecessary. She also took into account my fear of it. My BP became dangerously high. The burning I experienced wasn’t just feeling hot. It was weird. It started at my feet like a hot tingling and progressed up my body. It didn’t get as far as my shoulder which was the bit being scanned because I pressed the buzzer first. What freaked me out the first time was that I had pressed the buzzer again and again and no one came. When the finally did arrive they just said “Oh I thought you’d laid on the buzzer by accident.” What’s the point giving you a buzzer if they ignore it? The radiographerthe second time said she thought it was areaction to teh magnetic field but my GP just saidthat was rubbish.
Anyway I no longer need to worry. It’s not happening.