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thanks both. Sadly I cannot take either amiltriptylene or gabapentin or pregabalin for nerve pain.
Lee today has made up my mind as this morning I bent forward to open a drawer and felt as if someone had plunged a knife into my back on the opposite side but same level and my back has siezed up totally yet again. Cannot get more than bent double to stand and its agonisingly painful to stand or walk. Usually this stage will pass within a week and is the most difficult to cope with but its now happened 3 times in 12 weeks. Given the mri scan results it would appear the new prolapses both sides on L4/5 are the cause of my woe!
The high dose of dihydrocodeine have had no effect so its a case of making myself walk for a minute or so every half hour and then sitting or laying down as that helps enormously. I dread to think how long I am going to have to wait for either pain clinic or neuroappts