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Hi Deb, thanks for the update, sorry but I’m going to be a bit matter of fact with you about my experience and hope it helps you decide whats best for you but every case is different with different out comes. physio can help sometimes the art is to keep moving as best you can. my experience of true prolapsed / bulging discs is its not going to get better the only way to sort it is operation to release the pressure on sciatic nerve. but as said before its a 50/50 chance you take. leaving it to long trapped can cause nerve damage same as being operated on sometimes the surgeon can accidently catch the nerve. at the end of the day its up to you what you decide to do. but mine was not just prolapsed disc I had other problems. the second op I had was because first one failed and discs and bits of bone were pressing on my spinal cord which nearly paralysed me, mainly I was trying to go back to work to quick and collapsed. surgeon went ballistic at fractured /dislocated pelvis caused most of lower back problems. I know a couple of people who have just had prolapsed discs , had op and gone back to work so it does work for some. I think it depends how much pain your in to decide whether you have op or not in my case I was in so much pain and risk of being paralysed I just said yes. but was left with problems but at least now I can sometimes manage the pain better than what I was in. It is a hard one sometimes as you don’t always know what to do for the better and don’t know what’s round the corner. injections just help you with the pain, for me they didn’t work but again for some they have worked over a period of time. anyway you have all my empathy I do feel for you and others that have that problem it seems to be a vicious circle you do trying to get yourself well again. don’t give up and hope you get the help you need to be better soon good luck with it all. take care and best wishes tomorrows another day hope it’s a better one. Lee