Hi thanks for all your replies, Atos have changed their name now to independant assessment services, im not sure why they changed it but i think it was because of all the complaints people made regarding assessments..Paul, im going to search for that article as if i have to go to tribunal i will mention it, but something really needs to change with the Pip system as it clearly doesnt work and disabled people are being taken advantage off, they ignore all your medical evidence, the assessor even lied about the medications i take so luckily i got a print out from the pharmacy showing im on morphine, as well as other strong meds, i suffer with functional neurological disorder and i dont think she even knew what it was, even my own consultant didnt know how to treat it and had to refer me to a specialist in this field and im still waiting for an appointment, ive been ill for 5 years now and getting worse as the years go by and now dependant on people. I too have an adapted house but the assessor made out it was already there, well it was already there but as i explained tge council gave me the house as it had what i needed for my medical needs, also the dwp points awarded didnt make sense as i was awarded 3 points for some tasks but there isnt a 3 point to score on any of the descriptors. I just hope and pray my complaint, extra evidence and letter make them change the decision as its like a year wait for tribunal process.