Reply To: MRI scan – terrified


I have had about 17 mri scans over past 20 years. I always joke that I will be magnetic. Health wise a Ct scan gives you quite a dose of radiatin which is why they prefer mri especially for soft tissue.
I am seriously claustrophobic and have always taken 6 or 8 mgs of diazepam, trying to time it correctly although I have come a cropper a few times when they have taken me in early before the tablets can work! I close my eyes before I go in and keep them closed until I am right out of the scanner.
It can make you feel very hot in waves depending on where they are scanning. If you are having a general area like say a pelvic scan or when I had pancreas scan the heat can be almost unbearable. Def take as big a dose of diazepam as you can and still be upright and this might mean you cope better.