Hi All, I am still on DLA indefinitely and still have not been transferred to PIP i’m leaving it till they contact me. but do understand you all as I was transitioned from incapacity to ESA. Cut a long story short It took me 5 years to get into the support group after appealing and a court case .for 3 year I was not getting any money at all except DLA. if this was earlier years we would have been summoned to the workhouse. I have only been in the support group for just over a year. all this for me was the final straw that broke the camels back and pushed me over the edge into clinical depression and just recently been signed off from mental health. it does worry me that if I have to do all that again with PIP its going to all go back to square one. Atos is a private firm and all private companies are only interested in making money, this I think is just a scam to make money from the frail and sick by whatever means they can to help themselves and help the government save thousands. It is barbaric the way they do things. if you or I were to set up a company and do this I think we would all be sitting in a cell by now for fraud or something. any way it does wild me this subject as it does you. just battle on and keep fighting till we get what we are supposed to get. take care all and best wishes. Lee