There was an article in the Daily Mail a few years back about Atos healthcare and they said then they were paid bonuses if benefits were kept within a certain Cap.

I too found the report was utter rubbish. The lady doing the assessment even told me she was just a medical nurse. So had no real understanding of my Orthopaedic issues, or my nerve damage. So how would she be able to write a fair report ?.
I appealed, and ended up having a phone call appeal where they told me their view still stands the same.
They even told me they had got copies of my hospital records. So to verify this i asked my hospital (They will tell you), and no one has ever asked for copies of my hospital records. So that was all lies from Atos !.

This really makes me so angry, especially seeing the people who were there faking it for the assessment. They got from their cars to the building almost running.
And as soon as they got in the door they practically needed a stretcher.

I understand at this stage the only appeal i now have left is if there has been a significant change in my health status. Which there has. So thats my next line of action.