Reply To: Chronic pain for over 15 years


I’m sure ou’ve realised by now tat here are plenty of people in the same position who will empathise and that you’re welcome to have a darn good moan here. I’m on 15 years too; was fairly stable until 9 months ago but now other parts of my spine have started to play up. I find it’s now the small things that really bother me, like they are just one thing too many. 2 weeks ago I fell after getting up without realising my foot was dead and ended y up in A&E to see if my ankle was broken. Then last week it was A&E again with a suspected detached retina- thank goodness NOT but a massive floater which has left me unable to seethe computer screen ( apologies for any typos. Then in JUne my ENT was cancelled for ear syringing so now i’m so dizzy I’m falling all the time but they won’t see me until late October. That was the point where I totally lost it and now my GP is worried about my BP. Everything has a knock on effect. Oh and today had to rush my dog to the vet as she was bleeding heavily from her bladder. Times like this I Just want to give up and can’t seethe point fighting yet everyone will tell you that normally I’m the most upbeat person there is. Crazy isn’t it? I have to wait till October to be able to drive again or walk without falling yet my dog can get seen within 3 hours.