Reply To: Constipation


I have IBS (constipation) and also I’m menopausal and the fluctuating hormone levels have added to the constipation since I’ve been taking pain meds.. I used to take Laxido which I got on prescription. Recently I started taking Turmeric Golden Paste to see if that helped with arthritis and nerve pain. With me it doesn’t but helps with my bowels and also it’s a natural antidepressant so helps me feel a little brighter as I can’t tolerate antidepressant meds.

I go on a Facebook group called Turmeric Support Group. The paste is supposed to be better than taking Turmeric tabs/capsules. There’s a recipe on there to make the paste but I’m in a bad way with pain currently so I’ve been buying it online at “Spice Origin”. You have to start off with a quarter of a teaspoon 2-3 times/day and build up slowly as it can give you diarrhoea to begin with if you take too much too soon till you’re used to it.