Reply To: Holiday advice


Hi Natalie, That’s a hard one as we are all different I am in constant pain varying levels but find once I’ve motivated myself to get up and get going I’m relatively feel better in my mind and better in the first half day when it gets to afternoon start to go down hill mainly pain levels. come to 6-7 pm i’m normally flat out again. but being asked to go abroad. I jump at the chance mentally not physically, LOL, and don’t worry about what pain I,m in I get there. normally stick to spain or nearer as travelling absolutely does me but, you find airport staff really helpful. and once your there just laze around by the pool in and out of the water. my spirits are normally quite high and love it despite being in pain. my mind is in a lot better place. I normally just say yes then just go with the flow listen to your body, if you need a wheelchair get one before you go in case you need it normally hire one out for a week or however long . to get there. It’s out of the 4 walls which drives me crazy. and some thing different is exciting to me which drives me to push through the pain once at destination you can relax and do whatever .I tend to stop worrying to much about will I stay in bed or whatever you worry about just do it. By the time I get back home no matter what pain I,m in my mind has had some different stimulation and most of all glad I pushed myself to do it. and find that ive actually had a good time. well that’s how I get through my holidays, just take the meds you need or might need with you and any stick, crutches wheelchair whatever aids you need . I don’t concern myself with how I’m going to be JUst go with the flow of how you are each day as it comes. Get up and have a great holiday Natalie and when you get back you can tell everyone on here how you got on. hope you have a great time despite the pain your in. Take Care and Best Wishes . Lee