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Who helped me: that is near impossible to answer, after Six years of getting brick walls in my own county (where operation was performed) and the one next to it , I travelled further south and managed to find a consultant who listened to my plight. Had tests done re bowel/sitting pain. Moving on, I got an appointment at a London hospital with a neurologist who did not give me any answers but did suggest that I saw an experienced women’s Physio. I did this and she told me my coccyx was out of alignment. Moving on again, ( the years go by) I saw an osteopath who confirmed this but said the position my coccyx was in meant it was too dangerous to manipulate it back. Putting the coccyx problem aside, I know I have a pudendal neuropathy problem as I have sharp continuous pain in the pelvic area from time to time.
If you have the energy, you might look on Facebook pages, I wish I could remember the titles, but I can’t but also there is a pelvic pain support group on Healthunlocked where there are many with same/ similar problem and lots of advice and support on there.