Reply To: Zomorph

Eileen Asbury

Hi Hope
I originally was taking the oramorph for breakthrough and it was OK but then I’ve had a few more operations since that…..knee replacement…..just got over that and I fell, broke my shoulder, and had an operation…..pins plate and screws in it.Then about a month later I was called in and told I need a complete shoulder replacement!!!!!!!
Had that but I’m not reovering well. My shoulder is sore but that’s not the worse bit. Its my legs, very sore my mobility is dreadful. I’m on crutches permanently but I was fine. I could walk well with them and I also got to my car threw the crutces in the back, got in and off I went. Now I can only walk about 6 step and they think its coming from my back.
SI cant walk far and I cant drive at the moment. I got into the car a couple of days ago…..[not to drive yet] just to see how it felt. I had the keys in my hand and went to put them into thr ignition and my arm was so stiff I couldn’t get near it….so cant walk and cant drive.
Sorry for the moan. My GP has been on the phone to me today to get me to start reducing my oramorph. I was only on it when I needed but now I’m on 10ml x 4 times
So she has said. Reduce it come back and tell her how its going. Not by much I was on 10 mls she wants it down by 2 and a half mls each dose
It will be hard but I’m sleepy and I don’t want to be like this