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Saw gp today and she said def need another scan. The nhs waiting time here is at least 4 weeks for scan then 2-4 weeks for results. I checked with a private company and can have a scan in 2 weeks for just over £200 with results within a week so although I have to travel a fair distance my gp was happy to refer me for the scan privately to speed it up. GP said that level of pain cannot be used to class scan as urgent so she had no way of getting one sooner. If i had symptoms of cauda equina then you get sent to hospital and thats only way of getting a quicker scan!
She advised me to take paracetamol regularly and I have got the gabapentin to try again but because I can’t have any morphine type drugs not much choice for pain relief. I have taken the paracetamol today and also used ice packs alot and thankfully today has been a little easier.
wonder what the scan will show!