Reply To: Morphine

Eileen Asbury

I’m on ZOMORPH slow release with OROMORPH for break through pain.
That’s because of pain from 2 THR’s 2nd one didn’t go well, then a replaced knee and finally a replaced shoulder. I’m on crutches permanently and a scooter around shops.
I got the results of an MRI a couple of days ago. The consultant/surgeon who did most of my replacements referred me for this. I expected to be seen at his next clinic because my mobility is very bad now. I got a message from his secretary saying that she was to contact my GP and get her to refer me to either a spinal consultant or a neuro surgeon?????? She wont be in until Tuesday and I have a telephone appt. with her then. I’ve had a couple of falls [hence the replaced shoulder] and he thinks that either of them could deal with it better than he could.
I’m a bit worried….not sure what to expect.

Eileen xx