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Hi all,

I have also used very high doses of Amitriptlyine, and Lyrica as prescribed by my local pain clinic. But they did absolutely nothing, other than make me really ill.

Last yr i got referred to St. Thomas hospital on Westminster bridge London, as it is said that their Pain Clinic is the leader in the field in the UK.
Its several hours travel for me to get to, but they definitely know their stuff. But even they are struggling to help me. I am in more pain presently than day 1 post hip replacement. So about 8 out of 10 on the scale.
The only thing that does help is Tapentadol which is Class A, so i now take 3 tablets a day to dull things down.

Although i have been in pain since 2004, i have been in severe chronic levels of pain since 2011 i would say.
This week for what ever reason its exceptionally bad, and unfortunately there are some bad thoughts going through my mind. So looking for help where ever i can find it.