Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 12


Hi Nicky, hope the gastroscopy goes OK and they get to the bottom of whats causing the pain. I find when I have something else wrong with me, its like the last straw when you are already coping with 24/7 pain, really gets me down!

Its interesting you’ve been told the electrodes will come out as I’ve been told they can’t remove them as there is too high a risk of paralysis because they sit on the spinal cord. I need mine moved across a little, and even at the 3 month check I was told it was too late, and the only option would be to put a new lot in which could then be too high or too low a level and not reach the sciatic pain at all. The med rep said the success with re-doing electrodes completely for me would be pretty high risk and wouldn’t recommend it so I’ve opted for putting up with the wrong leg being stimulated as well, and more crucially, the signal missing a whole chunk of my “bad” leg.
I hope you will get much better results when you have it all re-done, and that they can get you in soon.
Lots of love, Steph
PS: Hi Rob – hope you are mending well xx