Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 12


hi all
thank you Steph though after having the scan there was no stones to be found in the gall bladder which has shocked the consultant and me as he was convinced that was what was causing my pain so now im having to go in monday to have a gastroscopy (camera down and other tests to see whats going on though he still thinks it could be the gall bladder causing problems.
And just from lots of previous experience when they replace my stimulator as the electrodes stay put it shouldnt need re programming where i had mine done they just turn it straight back on to the same setting it was on before the battery died. Though this time i have mine redone it will be like starting again as the electrodes have to come out.
so hopefully if its like the Royal london hospital Rob will have the scs up and running again.
I hope your doing ok Rob