Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 12


Hi all, Nicky so sorry to hear you have gallstones on top of everything else, and sorry you have ongoing problems with the SCS still. Rob – how are you doing now? Hope you are recovering well from the surgery and the new battery is zapping away nicely. Do you have to get a load of re-programming done from scratch or does it get set up with the same settings from the old unit? Harrison – in our area, pre-op checks have to be done within 6 weeks of the surgery, particularly because of the MRSA screening, which is out of date otherwise. However, I had to have mine done again as my op date didn’t happen within the 6 weeks, but hopefully yours will. Its got to be a good sign being called in for it. I do think its rather cruel after the trial to have a long wait, as you’ve had this carrot dangled at you and then withdrawn, but it is something to look forward to and I hope it will be as good as your trial was, hopefully better.