Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 12


Hi Harrison
Some news is better than no news. Normally scs implant would come either under Mr Farah or Mr Paul Eldridge. The system is that you will go for pre op which is basically history, bloods, ecg and discuss any problems that you may have had historically that may influence surgery. I am uncerain why they have placed this in November but would guess that you are down for placing on the list maybe December rather than next year. Unfortunately it could also be that they are doing a pre op but intend doing another on admission for surgery by way of an update and indeed it would be next year. You will be in an isolation ward for surgery due to the infection risk. They will soon update the pre op. However it is happening and unless they encounter too many complications I think you can hope to be completed certainly within three months. The problem is that it is non urgent and things can change minute by minute giving priority to urgent cases that cannot wait. This can happen right up to admission the day before. Interestingly my four week follow up appt is actually seven weeks so they are obviously stretched in all depts. I would atleast see it as a good starting point but keep on the Secretarys back. I phoned weekly on Mondays which I thought was reasonable as other things go on in life as well. Good luck it makes life a bit on hold while waiting but it will get there in the end.