Reply To: Spinal Cord Stimulator – Part 12


Hi all not posted for a while cos been very miserable and didn’t want to share my ‘joy’! Have been following all and glad to read some good news and disappointed some not so good news – our lives are def made up of ups and downs!
Spoke to consultant sec last week about waiting lists for SCS implant and was told ‘Not this year’ and couldn’t be given anything more specific. But today have received an appointment with the Nurse Consultant at the pre-op clinic beginning of November. Am confused, can anyone shed any light, not sure whether to be excited or not! Totally appreciate that my pain is nothing compared to people awaiting the neuro surgeons services who have life threatening conditions so not moaning, but just wondering if anyone, particularly Rob, (who seems to be my personal fountain of knowledge on here, big thank you!) has any ideas what the appointment is for? Can’t ring for a few days because of work commitments but would really like to know if this is a step in the right direction?
Hello to all you tinglers and hope you have all had a good day.