Reply To: Feeling low following Nerve root blocks

reiki angel

hi kate , i also dont get chance to post a lot but this pain forum has been a life saver for me , so thanks guys , i had three epidurals and six facet joints done with sedation on the 15 th december , i had an epidural in august too and im back in again for the same the first week in april and i know just how you feel , i think we judt dont expect it to knock us for six i slept through most of chrsitmas and new year i couldnt keep my eyes open and im still sleeping a lot now , but im no longer fighting it i accept now their are things i cant do and i rest it seems to be working for me im taking my bodys lead it needs to heal from the invasive injections , and i too am having periods every two weeks at the minute it will settle just as im back in for the next round , feel free to e mail me hun if your fed up and want a chat xxxxx love ruth