Reply To: Feeling low following Nerve root blocks


Hi and Thanks to you all for your replies. Still feeling rough today. Kitten there was no sedation, My consultant doesn’t believe in it as he says that he needs you to be able to answer all of his questions without feeling groggy.Steph I don’t envy you having to go through it all again as this is the 4th time I’ve had them – they’ve never worked for me so wasn’t really pinning my hopes on it this time. I think he doesn’t know what else to do with me! I think if I’m honest feeling as low as I do is to do with a combination of things really, I have been on my own with my 13 year old son for 9 years of which the first 4 were ok until my back problems began. The last 5 years have been so hard financially & especially dealing with such a high amount of pain. I’ve had epidurals, nerve root blocks & a fusion at L4-5, all of which have not offered any respite from the pain-I’m in more pain since having the fusion. The only explenation my consultant can give is “you’ve got alot of scaring on the nerves and around your fusion.” I was medically finished from work a year & a half ago & spend most of my time feeling drugged up with all the pain relief I’m on – I fall asleep mid sentence sometimes. I’m due to see my GP this evening so will tell her how I’m feeling at the minute & see if I can take anything else to help the pain. Sending a big hug to you all for taking the time to post answers to me. I know I’m not alone on here you all understand how chronic pain makes you feel. Kate x