Reply To: Weight gain on Amitriptyline & Lyrica


Hi Ruth

Without making light of the situation, I just wanted to tell you that I am also 41, and am sat here reading the forum with a piece of cherry pie and a hot chocolate!!! Yes, I am definitely more hungry in my 40’s and from what we read, its harder to shift it. But, as with other postings, I do find if I am flared up I eat little as I feel nauseous with the pain, and the pills, so the weight goes up and down a bit.

I always feel rather fed up that I cant go the exercise route – I would so love to have a flat, tight tummy (especially with the “baby sleeping bag” as I call it, that the children left me with!) but sit ups and other tummy strengthening exercises cause me so much extra pain and long flare ups thats its a complete no-no for me.

Right, back to my cherry pie!!!!! 🙂