Reply To: Nerve Root Block


Ali, thats so funny about the hamster. Years ago, my sister and I had hamsters too, and the same thing happened! We searched the house for days and at night, we could hear this faint scratching under the floors but could never quite pinpoint where it was coming from. So, my dad had floorboards up in all our rooms, and finally a little dusty and dirty bundle appeared (as you found with yours)! They certainly are escape artists!!!

Glad you had some distractions over the weekend, and hope it wasn’t too cold or uncomfortable in the caravan for you and your wife.

Thanks for your lovely message – I have lots of help with Eva’s party tomorrow, so that will be great, as have overdone it making the cake (see separate posting).

How are you doing now in terms of the de-nervation? Any benefits, and has the pain from the procedure calmed down at all? I am a lot better bruising wise from the nerve blocks, but the nerve pain is really not happy – lots of electrical pins and needles too, which I was warned about. But, I have another week to wait to see if it has helped, and if not, he will repeat it.

Big hugs Ali, have a good weekend and thanks for posting. Always good to hear from you. Love Steph