Reply To: Nerve Root Block


So, I find I start to feel a bit better like yesterday, then try and do a couple of small things, then the pain is much worse again. Aaarggh, its so frustrating and I have never been good at pacing! My head is way too manic!

I guess its early days to know if it has helped (day 6 today) – consultant said 2 weeks, and also really strongly emphasised that he expected to need to do them again in 3 months before I would know if they could help me due to how long I have been in pain. So, we shall see.

Meanwhile, my daughter’s birthday is at the weekend (she is turning 7) and so I have to find a way (along with major amounts of BuTrans etc), to sort what I can for her party, and try to do a cake, though I think my 10 year old will be doing most of that for me, and it will have to do! Otherwise, there’s always Tescos!

Big hugs to all, and thanks for the concern. You guys are lovely. Love Steph

Ooh, and thanks Rob – I have contacted the x-ray dept and getting a copy of my MRI scans on disc – its £10 down here, so you were lucky paying a fiver! This means I will have my scans to take to Frenchay next month re: SCS and pain consultant is getting his secretary to copy lots of the file for me too, she has been very helpful. At least that ensures I don’t go all that way and find they have to call me back another day because they don’t have enough of my history. Be interesting to look at the MRIs – might have them as a screensaver!!!! LOL