Reply To: Nerve Root Block



I had facet joint injections done and was allowed to lie on my side with knees bent up – it was the consultant’s position of choice actually!

I had to have my 5th epidural (all of which never worked) done without any local anaesthetic (apparently the policy of my now local hospital) and it was so painful while they injected the steroids in, whereas the previous 4, with local first, were totally bearable. I was told it was because without local, they can have you out of there straight away instead of waiting half hour for your legs to wake up with a local. How barbaric – never mind if it hurts more, if the NHS can get more of us through, they dont care!

I am sure if you ask for sedation, they should be willing, its usually only a shot of something like diazepam (valium) or lorazepam or that family. Be firm and say you feel you need it.

Best of luck with it all and hope it provides some relief.