Reply To: New Blue Badge scheme renewals


Thanks so much for all your helpful responses. When I get low and a bit depressed (like I feel now), anxiety about lots of things which I should be “letting go” off kicks in. I am getting in a state about small things – you are right Rob I should not worry until I need to.
One of the distressing things about chronic pain is the loss of independence and the reliance on others making decisions which effect can our quality of lives. Amongst other things I have been battling with not getting appts when I should at the pain clinic when promised and just being told that my consultants “clinic lists are being cleared” I should have had a review appt in Oct 2011.

I do not claim any state benefits as I have a small ill health pension that keeps us going, and I have chosen not to apply for DLA (although my GP says I should). So I am in awe of those who have to fight for what they are entitled to and the worry about the future of benefits on which folk rely. I do what I can to campaign for the rights of the disabled community (hate that phrase) but find it hard to have to stand by and see so much injustice inflicted on those who need help the most.

Anyway I have begun a rant to I will stop now and just say thanks to you for responding and wish everyone low pain and stress days.