Reply To: Oxycodone and Oxynorm side effects


Just to confuse more!
I take OxyContin which is the slow 12 hour release which comes in tablet form and I take OxyNorm which I get in capsules for breakthrough pain i.e. it is a quick release form of the same medication. Both of them are oxycodone hydrochloride, an opiod type pain relief med. You should not break the OxyContin tablets they must be taken whole. This instruction will be included in the patient information leaflet in the box of tablets.

When I stared to take this the side effect of drowsiness wore off very quickly, but I had already been on the opiod Tramadol before switching to Oxycontin/Oxynorm. I also had itchy skin as a side effect and that wore of. I now find that Oxycontin taken at night causes insomnia! Apparently it does have this side effect in some people.

Both medications are very constipating so look out for that side effect.

Best thing to do is to go back to with your Mum to her GP and ask her/him for advice. Be clear on what is being prescribed as the same generic drug will often have a different brand name, it depends what “brands” your GP’s practise use to prescribe the medication. We can only share our experiences and we are all different with different pain conditions and other considerations like age and other health issues as well as pain.