Reply To: Home Visiting Library……


Hi Demi,
Im so glad that you got the books, I hope that you enjoy them. Has your mobile library been yet? Hope that you are feeling ok, and not affected too much by the cold-sending warm hugs.
Did get through the weekend, ate as many pain killers as I was allowed, and my partner and I really enjoyed spending a lovely couple of days together snuggled in the warm! Sadly the friend that we went with and her new man were not the best of company-drank way too much and paid dearly the next day! then repeated it again! I think that its not until you spend time around people that you really understand them, and they realise how our pain is, and then you see either a fantastic understanding friend, or someone you thought was a fantstic understanding friend, I have had my eyes opened, and feel a little sad but thats living with pain, im so very appreciative of having a wonderfully understanding partner. warmest hugs xxx