Reply To: Home Visiting Library……


Hi Laura,I hope that they do run this book service in your area too and Im glad to hear youve got your eye test sorted.I too have a home visiting optician and he is fantastic fair play as he`s the one that urgently refered me to the hospitals opthamologist. Let me know how you get on hun please.
Sarah hun maybe you too could make use of such a book service, help pass the time during your recovery and keep you out of mischief lol…
Dave my hubby reckons this place resembles a library as it is lol but seeing as Im actually housebound now and that the finances are truly streched due to hubby having had to give up his job in order to become my full-time carer then Im afraid the luxury of my buying books will have to go on the back burner for now lol.But on the plus side using this service I can hopefully take a dip into many different genres without actually making any costly mistakes financially. As for your thought regarding pain and reading,for me personally Im not so sure as Ive always been an avid reader since I was a little child as I had such a thirst for learning and always requierd input lol
Doreen hun doing voluntary work is so satisfing isn`t it ?? I used to do quiet a bit of voluntary work when my children were younger and pre my becoming disabled, and Ive got to admit I miss it too.However now could be the time maybe Doreen for you to recieve the services of a volunteer??
All the best everyone Love Demi x