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This thread has started a weird thought in my brain (I can hear you all saying “nothing unusual in that” ) I too am an avid reader, so I wonder if there is a link between reading and pain? Does being in pain lead to people reading more, or is it continuously lifting books up that causes a repetitive strain injury pain?

Some people coming into my house think that I live in a library; at the last count I had over 3500 books. Well it wasn’t exactly a count; I started to wonder how many books I had so I measured the length of all of the shelves and bookcases and divided the distance by the average thickness of a random selection of books.

I like to keep books rather than borrow from a library, which could get very expensive, so I found a very good book lovers’ club called Bibliophile (they are on the net) where most titles are around half the cover price (and a lot even less), and there is nothing like an “editors choice” arriving every month, you just buy whatever you want from each catalogue, and if you don’t order for a few months that doesn’t matter. The only problem I have is that the bargains are so tempting I tend to overspend, and the postman complains that my parcels are the weight equivalent of doing an extra round…….