Reply To: Facet Joint Injections


Dear Sarah,Demi,All,

I am pleased to read that today your feeling better about things.I am sad that we have to go through our life like this its not what I expected my life to be aged 34 I was slammed badly with severe pain that never lets up ever.

Its now that having had the operation is a waiting game for me as I have not even had a return appointment yet for the fusion I had a MRI scan done end Oct due to the pain and have heard nothing at all.
Demi I am sorry that your really bad too I send you my love and regards too.
I cant thank you enough for supporting me when I have needed the support.I know that we all suffer bad pain but we are strong people.
Tomorrow my GP is calling and I will ask him to speak to the neuro on my behalf and tell him cant stand up for more than 10 mins
Thanks xxxxxxxxxx